FAQs for Cave Camp Reunion

Which airport do I fly to?

Cancun is the closest airport to Tulum, and is just under 2 hours away. Many airlines fly to Cancun from most major airports in the US and Europe.

How do I get to Cave Camp from the Airport?

There are many airport transfer companies that can bring you directly to Underworld if you don’t want to rent a car from the airport.

Should I rent a car?

You will need to rent car to get yourself to the cave diving sites. Most big car rental companies have offices in Cancun, and we have found America Car rentals to be generally reliable, and have an office in Tulum.

How much will it cost?

There is a $100 cost to attend the Cave Camp reunion, payable in advance to secure your place. You can book an apartment at Underworld Tulum or arrange your own accommodation through airbnb.

Where will I stay?

You can either book accommodation in the purpose-built cave divers’ apartments at Underworld Tulum, or you can book your own accommodation in the surrounding area.

Where will I get gas?

Our friends at ProTec provide all the gas for Cave Camp.

What training courses are available?

We have a team of instructors and can deliver most training from Introductory Cave up to Multistage, DPV or CCR.

Can I rent equipment?

Equipment is available to rent to cut down on airline baggage fees, with a special discount for Cave Campers! This includes Apeks regulators, Halcyon wings, various Sidemount systems, lights and a big selection of fins.

How much is cylinder rental and gas?

Cylinder rental is currently $7 per cylinder per day. We have doubles, Sidemount cylinders with rigging, stage cylinders and a selection of CCR cylinders. A Nitrox 32 fill for an 80cf aluminium cylinder is currently $8.

Can I dive CCR?

Absolutely! We have cylinders for rent and can provide oxygen and sofnolime. You will need to be Cave CCR qualified to dive the caves in a rebreather.

Can you provide CCR logistics?

We can also source oxygen and sofnolime for CCR divers and helium mixes if required.

Are meals included?

We will organise a number of fully catered evening social events at Cave Camp, where a fantastic meal will be provided, with drinks. Breakfast pastries, coffee and juice will be on the bar at Underworld every morning and we make sure there is some nice cake and soft drinks for when you return from diving. All other evening meals and lunches are self-catering. There are many wonderful and inexpensive restaurants in Tulum, and a very efficient delivery service to bring everything from sushi to pizza, steak or tacos direct to Underworld.

How much are Cenote Entrance Fees

Cenote entrance fees vary between MX$300 to MX$500 (US$10-US$25). Some cenotes also charge a fee to bring an underwater camera.

I am on my own. Is there anyone to dive with?

Very much so! There are usually a lot of divers who are looking for buddies and you usually find another Cave Camper to dive with. You could also hire one of our experienced guides to take you to some of the harder to find sites, or those where a guide is compulsory.

How do I find the dive sites?

We have many years of experience diving the Mexican caves and can give Cave Campers directions to great dive sites.

Is Tulum safe?

Tulum is relatively safe, with most crime being opportunistic rather than malicious. Sensible precautions appropriate to all towns, like keeping valuables out of sight are recommended.

Can non-divers attend?

Absolutely. We have had many non-divers at Cave Camp, and the camaraderie and great atmosphere are suitable for all. We have a pool and loungers to allow non-divers to relax during the day.