Located 2 hours south of Cancun, the beautiful resort town of Tulum is generally regarded as the ‘capital of Mexico cave diving’…

Hundreds of fabulous caves and caverns

With the biggest flooded cave systems in the world right on your doorstep, cavern diving is open to any qualified diver whilst cave divers will love the world-class caves that snake their way through the surrounding jungle. From stunning natural calcite formations to breathtaking light shows as the sunlight cuts through the cenote waters, diving the Mexican cenotes is an experience not to be missed! Find out more here

Glorious Caribbean beaches

Words can not describe the beauty of Tulum’s caribbean beach. White sands, turquoise sea and a totally relaxed vibe.

Stretching for roughly 10 kilometers, waterfront Tulum is lined with cabanas, “eco-chic” hotels, fancy restaurants and yoga spots, but it is far less developed than some of Mexico’s other resort areas, where the view of the beach often includes high-rise hotels. The view along Tulum’s beach is natural and complimented by breakfasts being served in a beach palapa.

Pelican on Beach in Tulum Mexico, home to Cave Divers

Mayan architecture

Tulum is home to some of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico, located in a stunning location right on the beach.  The tallest pyramid in the Yucatan at Coba is less than an hour away and is definitely worth a visit as as it is one of the few pyramids you can still climb.

The fascinating Mayan ruins dot the Mexican landscape, and Tulum has the good fortune of housing a number of well-preserved ruins dating back to the 13th century. Plan a daytrip to visit the ruins and take the time to properly explore the many sites which have dramatic clifftop views of the Yucatán Peninsula coast and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Highlights include the Great Palace, Temple of the Frescoes, and the God of Winds Temple, which sits perched at the entrance of Tulum’s bay.

A myriad of Adventure Parks

The adventure parks at Xcaret, Xplor and Xel-Ha offer a fun day out with underground rivers, zip-lining, rafting, amphibious vehicles and opportunities to get close to some of the jungle creatures of the Riviera Maya.

Fabulous places to eat out

There is a fantastic selection of restaurants in the town and on the beach, with a wide variety of different cuisines from traditional Mayan to modern European, making full use of the wonderfully fresh meat, vegetables and seafood available locally.  We are enthusiastic foodies and can recommend a restaurant for every occasion and palate.

Zine Food and Film

With more than 150 movies, that you can enjoy in your own private movie theatre, which can seat up to eight, this is a totally unique experience in a jungle setting! They do not charge for the movie, just for the food which ranges from 165 to 250 pesos per person. The food is served by a team of meticulous waiters, inside the exquisitely decorated theatre room playing your film. Pure indulgence, without the price. Find out more about this unique and fabulous experience, which is literately next door to Underworld Tulum – Zine Food and Film TripAdvisor Reviews

The Kitchen Table

Diners can seek solace at Kitchen Table, knowing that the restaurant has made every effort to lessen its ecological impact. From using only natural and reused materials in its construction, to deriving power from solar panels, Kitchen Table remains as eco-friendly as possible. The simple menu executes tasty dishes, like deviled avocado, local lobster, and pork ribs. Save room for desserts that include a decadent salted caramel mousse and dark chocolate-ginger ganache.

El Asadero

The best steaks in Tulum! Fantastic food and vibe. Great value. Try the steak specials and the taco combo (mixed chorizo, chicken, beef). Excellent! The four (free) salsas are delicious. Find out more here